Sittin' In & Groovin' Out

Targeting students in grades 9-12,  Sittin' In and Groovin' Out is a fun, three-day mentoring program that offers a unique opportunity for select high school band students from throughout your community to bridge cultural, economic, religious and gender divides and unify in the spirit of creative collaboration and making great music together.

Over the course of an intensive three-day residency, participating students will interact, rehearse, learn from and perform live in concert with JazzReach's METTA QUINTET.

Successfully conceived and piloted in early 2012 in partnership Arts for The Schools in Truckee,CA, program objectives are to promote creativity and teamwork, build confidence, cultivate a deeper appreciation of jazz music, improve students' overall musicianship and improvisational skills and inspire students to want to continue to improve and excel in both, music and life.


"The residency students were not only able to improve their musical abilities, but had an important experience of participating in a live professional jazz concert which will leave a lasting impression on them for the rest of their lives. This was a terrific opportunity for our students on a number of levels, especially because we are in a rural area where opportunities like these are a rare occurrence."
- Raine Howe, Executive Director, Arts For the Schools

"It was amazing that in three days we were able to put the music together and have it sound really good. Better than anything we have done before in such a short time."
- Fiona McMains, student trumpeter

"It was something really special and something I will remember for the rest of my life."
- Luca Rohlf, student saxophonist

"What was perhaps most fun was sitting in the back row and watching students return to their seats in the theater after performing.  Parents embraced their kids and you could sense their collective pride. For music students living in our rural community to have that kind of experience was truly incredible."
- The Sierra Sun, Lake Tahoe, CA

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Instrumentation should be as follows:


Student bands should comprise high school students playing at  an intermediate to advanced level.